diamondback bmx bikes
diamondback bmx bikes

Train Your Freestyle Skill Using Diamondback BMX Bikes

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Diamondback BMX bikes become a reasonable entry-level option for both teen and kids who want to train their skill on the bike. Learning freestyle bike can be a great step to do and it does not merely have to be costly. Teens commonly use their bike although it is not designed for freestyling to practice various tricks or stunts. This is will not only dangerous for themselves but also the bikes. They should go with a particular model which can withstand rough use.  You might be thinking that buy this kind of model will spend a huge amount of money but Diamondback is the answer for this need as it is a real freestyle bike for beginner and intermediate riders which cost reasonably.

The characteristics of Diamondback

For BMX fans, there will be good if you use appropriate bike based on the riding type. Freestyle bike, for example, comes with several strategic engineering, extra features, and certain types of components which support to be used for doing various jumps, tricks and other stunts often used by freestyle riders. Diamondback is designed to do all those challenges. The good combination and components make this model could do any park and street tricks. To do all those things, this model is designed by emphasizing on the components instead of focusing on its frame. Hence, you will get high tension frame which looks standard and average with the weight about 30 lbs after being assembled. The bike perhaps cannot be said as the lightest model but it is quite fine for use. The weight is still easy to be controlled by riders. It is also stable so people can do landing jumps without too many efforts. This makes the Diamondback price remains reasonable. Diamondback BMX bikes also feature one-piece steel cranks on its drivetrain which known to be solid and responsive when being used. It keeps using traditional size sprockets even the smaller ones now are in trend.  It allows for easier drivetrain and can last longer. It uses alloy U-brake for the back part rather than the linear type. As the result, riders are able to control any pressure in the brake pads that make them require more control when speeding as well as stopping.

The front part of the bike includes a rotating hub to support handlebar spins even when they don’t use tangled brake cables. This is such an interesting feature to be owned by reasonable bikes. The wheels contain 48 spokes which are strong and stable making the bike has great durability even though it has been used to perform many jumps and landings. The tires used are pretty thick and have a high profile so that they have better ability to absorb shock without reducing the speed. You can find two pieces of handlebar made from high-ten steel which support more precise steering as well as the handle. The grips themselves are not only durable but also comfortable. Besides the great features owned, the look of the bike is completely interesting and unique too. It looks attractive with the combination of black and neon green colors. The green color applied to the front wheel also improves the personality of Diamondback BMX bikes.

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