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Top Recommended BMX Bikes for Children

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Top Recommended BMX Bikes for Children

Bmx bikes are the perfect gift for all children. It has perfect technology, features as well as designs. Moreover, it is also lightweight, strong and fast. Enjoying childhood life will be incomplete without it. Here are some recommendations for the best series of this bike.

  1. Kink Roaster 12’’

This series designed especially for any first biker, which makes it a good choice for kids. The geometry, as well as the size, is set to full the needs of young children. Other components also come along on this bike to support bikers. Some of them are the 5-inch rise Kink Puma handlebars, soft Mission padded seat, 12-inch Kink Lance forks, as well as tires, which offer extra stability and grip. A coaster brake in lieu also another component of the braking system. it is chosen as children will not find any difficulty in using it. Children in at least 4 years old will be capable to go round the town with this bike. Regarding the look, this bike comes in the great color scheme. The Translook red frame is the characteristic of it. It matches well with the black components.

  1. WeThePeople Seed 16’’

This bike comes in small. However, the quality is not something you need to worry. Start from the frame, the handlebar and fork used 1020 hi-ten steel as its material. In result, you will feel great strength at the same time when you want to keep overall weight down. The front and rear tires are using Salt Strike 2.2. the components include 3 piece Salt cromo crankset, Salt 10 tooth rear cassette with sealed bearings, as well as Salt pegs. For the color variation, you can have the luxurious chrome or black. This bike is suitable for children between 6 up to 10 years old.

  1. Cult Juvenile

This series is probably the best 12-inch bikes you can find on the market. The design and features are all so drawing attention. The geometry already set to fit a young rider. Regarding the structures, the frame used lightweight 6061 aluminum, which performs great strength. It fitted with other pro-level Cult components. Some of them are sealed mid bottom bracket, sealed rear hub with 9 tooth driver, 3 piece cromo cranks, Cult padded 1 piece seat combo, as well as Cult 410 chain. This bike is a perfect choice for any children at 4 years old at least.

  1. Cult Juvenile 18’’

If you have older son or daughter, you can choose this bike. It is specifically designed for 8 up to 11 years old children. As it goes with the same name as the previous bike, this one also uses the same materials. Excellent components also come on this bike. With the help of those components, your children will be able to perform biking tricks, jumps or even grinds with no difficulty.

Those are all the top recommended bmx bikes for your children. No matter which one you choose, all of them give good performance and will never give you disappointment.

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