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Top 3 Recommended Cheap BMX Bikes

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Top 3 Recommended Cheap BMX Bikes

In biking world, BMX stands on the top list of the well quality bike. Through many years of its journey, this brand always showed great performance and captured every people’s heart to set on it. It is a common thing that great performance will take a little extra price as well. However, it does not mean that all BMX bikes are at high prices. Here we will share you about some cheap BMX bikes, which you can use as a reference before purchasing one.

  1. Framed Verdict

One top characteristic of this bike is the frame, as suggested by its name. it is made from high-ten steel as its material, which makes it capable to survive many conditions including bomb blast. Not to be over dramatized it, but this one really has well built. It is also a great choice for you who do not like to have ‘too showy’ thing. The design of this bike is simple. All of its best kept well on its performance, not the look. This bike is suitable for both teens and adults. The rear U brake of this bike works well and it completed with explosive 25 by 9 gearing. It will give you the ease when you want to do up ramps or jumps. For all those features and best quality you can have, you only need to pay not more than $300.

  1. Madd Gear Boost

the first impression you will get from this bike is that this one has stealth styling yet strong built. Madd Gear Boost has many classic lines, on the other hand, its frame made from chromoly. It means that you will get the light bike yet strong built. Once you ride this bike, you will realize the perfect quickness and acceleration. It is because of this bike completed with the bottom bracket, which is sealed, and crankset, which use the 25 by 9 system. For more detail, this bike uses Kenda Kontact tires, while the rims have 36 spokes. The brake is a rear U brake. There are front and back pegs. Just the same as the previous product, you can also have this bike by paying not more than $300.

  1. Diamondback Grind Pro

Still, by not more than $300, you can have BMX bikes, which can give you best quality and performance. Start from the frame, it used high tension steel. As a result, you can have a light bike with strong built. If compared to another bike with a Chromoly frame, this one may be slightly heavier. However, it provides great durability. This bike has 3 piece crankset and it uses 9 x 25 gearing ratio. Front and rear pegs are also other features you can enjoy on this bike. For the brake,  there is front, rearm as well as built-in detangler brake. The last one might be not so common for other competitors, but is the uniqueness of this bike.

Those are all bikes on our list today. We highly hope that one of those cheap BMX bikes can match your preference.

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