bmx bikes for kids
bmx bikes for kids

Top 3 Recommended BMX Bikes For Kids

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Top 3 Recommended BMX Bikes For Kids

BMX bike is the top bikes among many other competitors. The perfect performance it gives makes BMX bikes the choice of many people in the world. This time, we will share you with some top recommended series of BMX bikes for kids. As you can see, BMX bikes are not only suitable for adults, but also for kids.

  1. Juvenile 18’’

For the first recommendation, we offer you a bike, which is very suitable for kids in their 8 up 11 years old period. This bike made from custom 6061 lightweight aluminum as its material. The frame also combined with tweaked geometry. Because of that combination, this bike definitely will withstand any conditions your kids in. moreover, it also offers you full strength and great durability. Other components are also so supportive. There are Cult 8 inch rise combo bars, Cult top load stem, Cult cromo fork, Cult plastic pedals, 3 piece crankset (especially with the sealed bottom) as well as 9 tooth rear cassette hub (sealed as well). All of those combinations will give your kids the ease of making tricks, grinds, or even jumps. Regarding the price, you do not need to worry. You can have this bike around £399 only.

  1. We The People Seed 16’’

Starting from its name, your attention may be focused on the 16’’. Well, it is true that this bike has a small size, however underestimating its quality is another thing you should never do. This bike has 1020 hi-ten steel as the materials of its frame, to be more precise its handlebar and fork. In short, this material will give great strength while keeping the overall weight down at the same time. Other special components for best quality are 3 piece Salt cromo crankset, Salt strike 2.2 front rear and tires, sealed bottom bracket, Salt Valon rims, Salt V2 top loading stem, Stealth alloy 10mm front hub, as well as Salt 10 tooth rear cassette (with bearings, which is sealed). For the design, you are free to choose chrome or black to tame the wild road. This bike is ideal for kids in their 6 up to 10 years old period. To have this bike, you do not need much money. Around £270 is enough to purchase it.

  1. Cult Juvenile 12’’

For the last recommendation, it is the most suitable series for kids in their 4 years old period at least. The geometry of this bike already set to match the needs of the young rider. On the other hand, it still maintains the pro level as well as perfect quality and performances. Since this product is for young kids, the light also becomes the important thing. That is why this bike uses lightweight 6061 aluminum as its material. It completed with pro-level Cult components. Some of them are 3 piece cromo cranks, Cult 410 chain, sealed mid bottom bracket, Cult padded 1 piece seat combo as well as a sealed rear hub (with 9 tooth driver).

Those are all about BMX bikes for kids, which we recommend for your lovely kids. No matter which one you choose, BMX bikes will never disappoint you

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