custom BMX bikes
custom BMX bikes

Tips to Buy a Custom BMX Bike

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When you are choosing custom BMX from the thousand available out there, you should understand what it’s going used for and how often you will use and where. You should know that BMX is specifically designed for motocross and dirt biking, however, trick and stunt can be performed for those who have enough skill as well. There are wide options for custom BMX bikes that you can choose including of prices, choice of bikes and variations as well.

So, what is a custom BMX bike?

This session will explain you about what is really a custom BMX bike and more important about the components were included. A custom BMX is a bike that had been built with a selection of components, such as wheels, frame, and drivetrain in specific design in order to perform a certain style of your reading. When you are choosing custom BMX bikes, this is also important to ensure that all of the separated components were designed to fulfill specific purposes which is more mechanically sound. These custom bikes that were purposed build for freestyle riding were not suited with jumping and dirt style. However, you should check it first before you make a purchase.

What’s your style? Racing or Freestyle

This part will help you with information about several types of BMX riding style. Almost all of BMX bikes were built to fulfill more specific reading styles. There are different styles which been explained below. You should know your riding style as the most basic step to get most ideal custom BMX bikes. Generally, there are two categories of BMX reading style, they are:


The racing style using BMX will involve the competitors to race against each other across 100 to 1500 of foot track, which is also including of multiple banked corners and bumps as well


This is totally different with Racing BMX, so this is not a series of obstacles were placed in many ways and settings as you can see in the skate park, which the rider will perform some tricks.

Types of BMX that you can choose

You can get more information about types of custom BMX bikes which been explained in the terms of setting that they used for. Each type can be used to describe what types of BMX that they indicate as well. However, there are several key parts of each type that make them become more specific for discipline riding as well.

Dirt/ Racing

It was aimed at dirt or ramp biking and this type of BMX was specially designed to handle the off-road track and middle air jump as well. Usually, this type is lighter than freestyle bike and it was focused on speed and agility that make it as a great choice for racing.

Flatland/ Freestyle/ Street

It had been designed for the more aggressive street and stunt biking. This bike is ready to handle the streets along with many obstacles from the local skate park as well. This type also has strong construction rather than lightweight frame because of sports nature inside.

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