Girls bmx bikes
Girls bmx bikes

The Difference between Boys and Girls BMX Bikes

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For some people who are not too familiar with BMX, they may imagine that girls BMX bikes have different shapes or specifications with BMX that men wear. This assumption arises because if viewed from other types of bicycles (MTB, city bike, etc), manufacturers will definitely make 2 different types (men and women). It does not apply in BMX; this little bike has the same shape and specification between male and female riders (which differentiate only the function of each type of BMX).

The main difference between men and women BMX

The most striking difference of BMX used by men and women is of color. Just like the color in many things in the world, BMX manufacturers usually use some specific colors to emphasize that the BMX is made specifically made for female riders.

Girls’ bikes usually have colors that are identical to “cuteness” like pink, white, light blue, purple, and other girly colors. Not only frame, girly colors are also in handle grip, rims, seat, or even tires. While in shape, there is no difference between BMX bikes for boys and girls.

Tips choosing the right BMX bikes for girls

  1. Adjust age

One way that can be done in choosing a child’s bike that is adjusted by the age factor but it cannot be used as a standard consideration in the selection of bicycles. For example for a 2-year-old child is unlikely to ride a bike for a 17-year-old or an adult.

  1. Bike size is just right

In order to avoid accidents, make sure first the size of the bike that fits so that children can pedal comfortably and able to reach it besides making sure the child’s knees do not touch the handlebar when pedaling the bike.

The characteristics of good wheels, among others, are made of mixed metal and aluminum. The reason is that the material is easily in the grip by the brakes while on a wet road. After choosing the material wheel, then we can re-consider the size of the wheels. Appropriate wheel size can be adjusted after child, among others:

  1. 12 “for children aged 2 to 4 years
  2. 16 “for children aged 4 to 7 years
  3. 18 “for children aged 5 to 8 years
  4. 20 “for children aged 8 to 12 years
  5. Age 12 and up can still use 20 “BMX bikes or 24”
  6. Bike frame

Then another important thing to consider in buying a bicycle is the Bicycle Frame section. Good bike frame should be strong, with a straight design from front to back. How to know the condition of a straight bike frame is to see from the front tire direction in a straight back position, if the front tires and rear tires look straight then it means the bike is worth buying.

  1. Brake bikes

How to know the condition of a good bike brake is to rotate the wheels and then on the brake. If the brake sounds then the bike is not good. Good brake conditions are usually after rotated then the wheel will quickly stop soon. The brakes will also greatly affect the safe activity when the girls ride their girls BMX bikes.

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