cool bmx bikes
cool bmx bikes

Plan to Get Cool Bmx Bikes? This Article Will Give You Some Tips!

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In this modern day and age, the quality of cool BMX bikes has steadily been increased, especially when buying a complete one. In the past, the most popular bike was the one which people had to build it piece by piece, from scratch. Nowadays, people can easily get cool BMX bikes with some real quality parts on it at the best price. However, you are required to know in details regarding what you are looking for. Below are some tips you can follow if you are parents whose kids want a new ride or looking for a new setup of cool BMX bikes.

  1. Know your type

There are many types of cool BMX bikes available on the market. Thus, before you buy ones, you should clearly know your type that fits your daily usage. Please note that different usage of bikes will definitely have a different model on the bike itself. Whether you want to ride mostly in the park, street, flatland or dirt, knowing what bike you will use is huge when selecting a complete.

2. Searching for Chromoly

What does Chromoly mean? Chromoly has strong material made from lightweight alloy metal all high-end BMX forks, frames, and bars. Most of the complete bikes have high tensile steel construction in their forks, bars and/or frames that make the bike a bit heavier and less durable. However, when you are searching for a complete design of the bike, you should focus on the amount of Chromoly being applied to a certain range of price. As an illustration of this, if you see two bikes that both meet your price range, you must compare how much chromoly in their tubing being used. If you want to save money, ensure yourself that the bottom part of the bikes is chromoly.

3. Pay attention to the sealed bearings

Sealed bearings in bottom brackets, hubs (wheels) and headsets will help your bike to smoothly roll for longer. Compare to the unsealed ones, they need more maintenance to work well and mostly much cheaper than sealed bearings. If you have unsealed bearings and they start to wobble and become loose, then you will not even enjoy riding your bike for a while. Thus, reading bike descriptions are needed for you to make sure the list of what parts of bikes have sealed bearings.

4. Take the most proper size

Please note that an inch fraction does matter since it can change the feeling of a bike significantly. Most of the complete bikes have 20” top tubes. Fortunately, nowadays, many companies have been stepping up with their innovation by producing a complete bike design with 20.5” or even 21.5” for the top tubes. In the past, handlebars on complete bikes used to be too narrow and/or low.  Now, if you find the bikes have wide bars, you are free to cut them down into what you prefer.

Those are 4 things you should know to get cool BMX bikes.

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