best BMX bikes
best BMX bikes

List of Best BMX Bikes 2018

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We all know that BMX bikers were designed for off-road and they are usually used for race and stunt riding as well. BMX was short for the bicycle motocross and it has been used for freestyle racing and riding as well. so, when you want to shop best BMX bikes then you should know that not all of the bikes were designed for the same purposes. There are several bikes were made for freestyle riding and others were designed for jumping as well.

You should know that BMX bike is so ideal for riding around the town, racing on the off-road trails and dirt tracks as well. So, the freestyle version of BMX bikes is described as the strong stunt bike and equipped with strong frame, pegs, wheels, and tires as well. Freestyle bike is perfectly matched to learn how to perform some tricks and get on the skate parks. Then the BMX jump bike is quite different with two others because it’s usually called as the dirt jumper as well. So, if you want to get your best BMX bikes, then there are several recommendations for a list of best BMX bikes 2018 that you can use as a reference.

The Kent PRO 20 Boy’s Freestyle

This Kent PRO 20 is one of the most popular freestyle bikes and it was equipped with the tig welded frame and fork as well. To get easier freestyle trick, then this bike comes with the pegs in 20”. Then provide you with better ride control which comes with hand breakers on the back and front along with seat clamps were made of the alloy material as well. Unlike other products, this bike also comes in freestyle rotor as well. if you decide to purchase this bike then this is better to tighten its hardware. You should know that this bike should be assembled by professional.

Mongoose Mode 270 Boys Freestyle

Mongoose is the very popular brand for bikes and this Mongoose Mode 270 is also a good bike for boys. It has 4 of freestyle pegs which were great for stunts as well. Because it has specific cable parts, then is handlebars also could be spun 360 degrees. The frame was made from durable steel and completed with single speed drivetrain as well. The brakes might not the best one but they are able to deliver enough stopping power as well. No wonder that this bike becomes one of best BMX bikes that you can use as best reference for freestyle bike.

Mongoose Slyde Girl’s BMX

This Mongoose Slyde was also similar to R10, however, there are slight differences as well. One of the best features is stylish color on the frame. There are very lightweight frame and fork which great starter for a beginner. This bike is a great choice for having obstacles in the local skate park. This Mongoose Slyde is great BMX bike for your freestyle riding. It is also ideal to use in the local skate park, however, it can be so fun when used it around the town.

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