gt bmx bikes
gt bmx bikes

Is GT BMX Bikes fit for anyone?

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Purchasing your first BMX bike can be a little bit tricky but you can follow buying guide of BMX that allow you to get the right track. Where should you start? What parts that you should look out for? Of course, there are many things that you should consider before you can get your best first BMX. Most of the first timer customers mostly choose the complete BMX bike which is a bike that already set and fully build, you can ride it right away along with all of the parts were included as well. If you need a reference, then you can choose GT BMX bikes. GT is one of the coolest BMX bikes are sold on the market and only have one of the two different of GT bikes for adults.

Why choose GT Performer BMX Bike?

One of the best features of GT Performer is a fact that is focused on throwback inspiration. You can see on the fork and frame was chrome plated that offer you with a more authentic look as well. You are able to see that there is a conjunction from the seat stays to the seat with the tube on the top which been drawn back in this new Performer, although is not that bag as used before. It also has Mohawk hubs to get a more retro taste as well. This bike has four pegs were made from forged steel. So they add 32lbs weight for the bike, so there are many bikers might remove at least two of them in order to reduce its weight as well. If you like BMX bike that completed with strong fork and frame, then you can choose this GT BMX bikes. The other features that loved by many people are pair of wheels in 26”. However, there are many people said that they feel a little bit awkward when trying to ride this BMX for their very first time, however, they end up to love it as well. Of course, they are many pros and cons that you should know first to analyze whether this bike perfectly fits for you.


–               Strong fork and frame

–               It has beautiful retro look

–               You get very comfortable saddle

–               It has big wheels that make it even more good looking


–               The plastic pedals could be bent easily

–               Several parts of bike feel little value oriented

However, you should know that analyze your riding style first in order to get best BMX bike that perfectly fit your style. You need to know the basic guides of buying for first buying BMX. Before you enter to the bike shop to look around and buying your first BMX bike, then you should understand exactly what type of BMX riding that you will be involved for, because this thing will affect your final purchase directly. There are several different disciplines in BMX riding itself, and all of them were built a base on these specific requirements, they are dirt riding, park riding, flatland riding, BMX racing and street riding.

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