24 inch bmx bikes
24 inch bmx bikes

How to Choose 24 Inch BMX Bikes for Freestyle

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24 inch BMX bikes are not an ordinary bike because, for some people, this bike has become the bike as a means of expression and even work. Before discussing tips to choose the best BMX freestyle, we should know the understanding and history of this bike.

History of BMX

The BMX bike for the motocross bike is a cross bike sport done on a BMX bike. Good for competitive BMX racing or BMX freestyle, or any other in general such as recreation or off-road. BMX starts when young riders use motocross tracks with their bikes. They race for fun. But soon after, they started to use the track to do stunts and create bicycle competition on it. All the bike activities were started in California in the 70s. They then modified and developed their bikes to the most suitable bikes for the actions.

If you are planning to buy a freestyle BMX bike you should pay attention to your needs whether for street or flatland. This bike can be assembled by itself and there is no harm in choosing a strong frame, and sturdy. Installation of the frame must be careful and pay attention to tidiness and level of precision.

In addition, if you want to use a freestyle bike on the streets, which must be considered is whether the tires match and adjust to the type of game. Also, note the front and rear rims of the bike can be more easily controlled. This is very important because it involves safety.

Choose the best 24 “BMX

Freestyle BMX bikes should be designed to perform a variety of tricks on flat roads, grounding to the ramp. The use of 24 “rims aims to facilitate handling and improve the stability of the bike when used for freestyle action. This bike clearly looks taller and longer than the BMX or flatland cross.24” BMX also has a smaller handlebar, but a bit wider. Some people call it semi DJ BMX. Every BMX rider always demands a bike with high quality and strength to do BMX freestyle tricks.

Here are some tips on choosing a bike action aka freestyle bike: First, choose the type of freestyle bike as needed, both street and flatland. Determine the completeness of component parts that can support the desired BMX game. Like frame geometry, handlers, saddles, gearing, tires, rims, and pedals. Second, choose a sturdy frame and have frame strength supporting parts. Third, note the level of frame precision, alignment, and neatness point of the welded joints of each frame pipe. Fourth, check the character of a bicycle tire that matches the type of surface and type of game. Freestyle bike tires generally have fairly smooth treads and adhere perfectly on the surface of asphalt, cement floors to concrete. And the last one is, use a bike with brake(s). Some riders use front brake only, but some others use both front and rear brakes. The front brake on the 24 inch BMX bikes is one of the main parts of the bikes for controlling the bike.

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