boys bmx bikes
boys bmx bikes

Boys Bmx Bikes

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The History of BMX Bikes

Boys BMX bikes. BMX is short for Bike or bicycle motocross. It is a type of bicycle commonly used for the bicycle sport. The history of this BMX bicycle began during the early years of the 1970s period of America. It was the sport created based on the inspiration of the motocross sport. The motocross sport was so popular at the time that many youngsters would like to imitate it even only using only a bicycle. With the BMX cycling sport became so popular that even the purpose – built tracks were made by the American government in the state of California. And after the huge explosive phenomenon of the BMX sport and the supportive aspect by the government that manufacturers begin to view this as a huge business market and started to have the BMX bicycles to be mass produced during the period year of 1972.

While on Britain, the popularity of the BMX bikes only began to rise during the year of the early 1980s. At the time, it was so popular that the bike became one of the essential things which any children must have and play with. The streets were filled with the bikes during the year 1982. But only in the span of a couple of years, the BMX bicycle no longer popular with the children as the mountain bike began to emerge their popularity among the British society.

Types of Boys BMX Bikes

Due to the evolution of the BMX bicycle, nowadays there are a lot of types available for the BMX bicycles. It is divided based on the purpose-oriented of the BMX bike as for whether it is used for racing, stunt, and jumping or hot digging. Different purposes lead to different kinds of BMX bicycles specification variation. For example, the differences in tires, bike’s weight, and brakes in the bicycles. Here are the few types of BMX bicycles:

  1. Racing Bikes   
  • The racing BMX Bikes are the first original type of the BMX bikes. The specification of this type is that the racing BMX Bikes are sturdier and heavier than other BMX bikes. The racing bikes usually are equipped with upright handlebars for the riders to gain better control on the bike. Not only that, only the racing type bike has the rear brakes which allow the bikers to avoid going over the handlebars during the racing time.
  1. Freestyle Bikes
  • This Freestyle bike is the type that is made for the orientation of stunts and tricks. This type of bike usually used on the smooth surfaces of the street or parking lots. The freestyle bike is usually equipped with more spokes in order to provide the bike more stable. Smoother treads are also installed on the bike to allow the bike tires to be rotated quickly. Some of this type of bike has handlebars that can rotate in full 360 degrees which allow the rider to do more variation of tricks.
  1. Jumping bikes 
  • Jumping BMX types are lighter compared to the other types of BMX Bikes. This BMX bike is focused on the jumping and the landing of the bike. Therefore, this type of bike is equipped with sturdy spokes and heavy treads. And also because this spike is not oriented for the speed purpose, the bike is equipped with the tires with most traction.

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